A crew of American and Mexican divers set out from Los Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and boarded the Southern Sport, a 110 foot boat that took approx. 16 divers/underwater photographers on a diving expedition to Socorro, Mexico where we ended up at The Boiler and The Canyons in San Benedicto Islands, Mexico then to Roca Partido for 3 days where we dived with Giant Pacific Mantas, Dolphins, several species of sharks (Galapagos, Hammerheads, Whitetip, Silvertip, Silky, etc.), lots of fish life and more. 

The currents, downdrafts and updrafts, vortex and swells were strong at times. You would be at 40 feet then suddenly find yourself at 80-90 feet deep in seconds. This was not a dive for novice divers. The sea life was amazing. 

All the images were shot with a Nikon D810 camera in a Seacam housing with 2 Seacam 150D strobes using a Nikkor 16-35mm wide angle lens.