Diving Cenote - The Pit, you get an idea of what it is like to descend to approx. 120 feet while using the Black GoPro above my camera dome. Only natural light was used and I'm amazed that you could even see anything in low light at the bottom.
Filmed this while crocodile snorkeling in Banco Chinchorro with #YucatanDiveTrek and #XTCDiveCenterXcalak. Lots of crocodiles surround us.
Amazing footage of Blue Whale feeding as seen by my Mavic Pro Drone.
Amazing Mavic Pro drone video of Fin Whale off Newport Beach, CA where it was feeding. Newport Coastal Adventure provided the opportunity. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy and with the Fin Whale it was difficult to capture better video.
This is just a short clip from the #SaveMyFins documentary that is being developed by #SeoulInstituteoftheArts students. Being driven by the younger generation to #StopSharkFinning
Drone Footage of Double Gray Whales in Newport Beach and with Newport Coastal Adventure.
Surface film of Great White Shark going after chum on a line. No hooks are used, simply tied around bait so shark is never harmed.
Watch this beautifully marked Gray Whale get almost on to shore and rolls around on its back while also blowing bubbles from below. You can also see another Mavic drone flying below.
While filming SaveMyFins a large Great White Shark on the surface out thinks the crew and goes from one chum line to another and quickly moves in and gets what he wants.
Filmed for SaveMyFins of Great White Sharks via my DJI Mavic Drone. One of the sharks found something curious and it turned out to be a sea turtle. Lucky for the turtle, it turned on its side, tucked in all its bits , and the shark swam away.
Went to search for whales and found them near Catalina Island with @NewportCoastalAdventures.com. Four Humpbacks that came in close and near the boat. They blew their spouts and you got sprayed and could smell it. LOL. Also lots of dolphin action as well. Great day with great friends.
While on a Blue Whale expedition in San Diego for the day, I was able to capture this beautiful Blue Whale by my Mavic Pro Drone with Big Animals Expedition and SD Expeditions.
See a 360 view what it's like to zip line above more than 90 feet or more or 8 stories high over trees in Hawaii's beautiful forests. This particular line is their fastest and they required all guest to hold on with two hands.
While out whale watching with Newport Coastal Adventures in Newport Beach, CA, we ran into huge pods of Spinner Dolphins and pods of Bottlenose Dolphins which I was able to film with my Mavic Pro Drone.
Went whale watching but ran into huge pods of Spinner dolphins and broke out the Mavic Pro drone to take some images of them while trying to get the front end of the zodiac with the dolphins coming towards the drone.
iMovies Trailer fun DiveWet.com trailer of our Shark Feeding Training program and then UW Modeling project we did afterwards. Version two of two at Stuart Cove's in Nassau, Bahamas.
First time flying my Mavic Pro over the beach and ocean at Swami Beach in CA.
Amazing interaction of yellow snappers I came upon while diving in Phuket, Thailand. I was about to do my safety stop. Tried to interact with them for as long as I could before I knew I would be out of air and miss my safety stop.
iMovie of Shark & Underwater Presentation made at Seoul Institute of Arts in Ansan, Korea where a Shark project is being prepared for next year to be conducted with U.S. partners.
This is a fun iMovie Trailer for Jayden who is a YouTube fan and wants his own channel. He will share mine for now until his parents approve that he can have his own since he is only 8. But he is a big Whale and Shark fan so I agreed to help him.
This is from my wreck dive of the Chuyo Maru Wreck, a Japanese cargo ship that was sunk in Palau at a maximum of 36 meters or 118 feet deep of water. Sunk upright in Malakal harbour in approx 36 mtrs water. In good condition and not dived as much as some of the other wrecks in Palau.
Crocodile expedition with friends and family in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico. This was a trip that had very murky water, even though you could see from above, I and the safety diver could not see beyond 1-2 feet in the water. It was wild and crazy but very exciting to be able to interact with these amazing dinosaurs.
DO NOT TRY THIS METHOD OF PHOTOGRAPHY - It can cause injuries - This Great White Shark was confused when following the chum line. It must have smelled chum on my foot or sensed the electronic waves from my strobes when it decided to try and nibble my foot.
MY SPLASH DRONE ALMOST GOT EATEN BY A GREAT WHITE SHARK - This is the newest video from our Great White Shark expedition where I was using my Splash Drone and when I landed it on the top of the water (it's waterproof) a GWS came from nowhere and tried to grab it.
First time putting a video together and using a Splash Drone or any drone. Took it for a maiden flight in Cancun, Mexico for a Whale Shark and Manta expedition with a private group of friends using Solo Boceo Dive Center, the best in Cancun.
This is my iMovie trailer of my taking video and images of Great White Sharks from a different perspective.
This is a video of CAPTAIN REYNOLD BUTLER, a Bahama native who has been at sea and Captain for shark diving expeditions for over 27 years finally goes diving with sharks for the first time ever. He and many locals could never understand why guests would go diving with sharks "willingly"?
Fun iMovies Trailer of Crocodile trip.
Shark diving expedition in Jupiter, Florida with Emerald Charters and good friends. As you can see, Randy Jordan is very good at handling sharks and is a great shark advocate. He removes lots of fishing hooks from these sharks. He knows how to push them off as they become pushy.
If you want to see what it was like above the water and what it actually looked like below the water, then you need to watch this video clip. It is the same video segments combined.
DO NOT TRY THIS METHOD OF PHOTOGRAPHY - It can cause injuries - This Great White Shark was confused when following the chum line. It must have smelled chum on my foot or sensed the electronic waves from my strobes when it decided to try and nibble my foot.
Great White Shark decides to come for a visit.
On a Great White Shark expedition, I took my Splash Drone and took some images that surprised even me on this trip. I flew it low and dropped it in the water just above the sea turtle when I spotted it and got a underwater stream of the sea turtle swimming away. As I was flying the drone back to the ship, a Great White Shark was at the stern and I was able to capture that activity as well.
Decided I wanted images of Bull Sharks that were swimming near the boat slips in the Bahamas. None were to be seen yet, so I jumped in without setting my camera up which was a mistake. The minute I hit the water, the splash attracted about 5-6 big bulls and I had to stay at surface to watch them while trying to adjust my camera. But as they calmed down and I descended they had zero interest in me. LOL Luckily a friend (Garrett Gee) began to video this on his phone after a few minutes after the initial jump in.
Blue Shark Expedition in San Diego, CA with SD Expeditions. Approx 7-8 foot beautiful female Blue Shark that interacted with us for quite some time.
A parody I threw together of Vincent Canabal and Reynold Butler of Epic Diving who had to actually repair the propeller of the "Thresher" dive boat on our way to Tiger Beach for a Tiger Shark dive. When filming them in the water the celebrity working guests were freaked when they spotted a 20 or 25 foot shark in the water while the boat was being fixed. You have to watch to find out what happens. It is just terrifying and shocking!!! www.DiveWet.com
While Tiger Shark diving, I had a Go Pro facing towards me as well as in front of my camera rig so I could later see what was going on behind me. This is what I discovered after diving with lots of lemon, tiger, Caribbean reef and other sharks in the water. Fortunately, no sharks tried sneaking up behind me even with yellow fins on. Next time I do this dive, I think I will figure a way to add rear view mirrors to my camera rig. LOL. Enjoy.

Diving instructor G from Barbados blows air rings underwater on the wreck the Stavronikita.June 2013.  I have not seen this before and thought you would enjoy it.

Taken from ScubaChannel.com