Sea Turtle Landing
Garibaldi Under Eureka Oil Rig California
Sea Fan
Fish Heaven,  Pong Pong, Bali, Indonesia
Eureka Oil Rig San Pedro, CA
 Large Fish with Diver in Background taken in the Philippines with a Nikon D800 at 1/200 sec., F4, ISO 100 with a Nikon 16-35mm wide angle lens @ 35mm. 
School of Golden Batfish (Platax boersii)
Large Sea Fan
School of Jack Fish (Carangidae)
Jelly Fish with Sun Rays
Brain Coral with Wrasse
Black Coral Beauty
150 Year Old British Anchor
Coral Reef & Brain Coral
School of Yellow Snappers
Silver Fish within a Wreck
Large Sea Fan
BW Photo Inside A Cabin of A Wreck
Giant Broadclub Cuttlefish (Sepioa Latimanus)
Rare 3 Giant Frog Fish
Sea Snake
Lg. Barrel Sponge Verde Island, Philippines
Giant Sea Fan with 2 Large Lion Fish
School of Yellow Snappers
Middle of School of Jack Fish
Old Anchor Covered with Coral
Giant Sculpin Fish
150+ Year Old Anchor
Turtle Searching For Food Straight On_.jpg
Jelly Fish in Sunray
Giant Red Frogfish and Green Frogfish
Sweet Lips Under Dry Dock Wreck
Jack Fish and Large Damsel Fish
School of Baby Barracuda
Barrel Sponge
Large Gorgorian Coral in Phuket
Boulders in Phuket
Soft Coral Covered Anchor
Giant Sea Fan
Over Under Photo of Puerto Galera
Diver and Bat Fish Dry Dock.jpg
Eureka Oil Rig Pipe Coral Life
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